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Hello Community
« on: June 15, 2017, 04:34:51 am »
Hey everyone my names Drew, I'm so glad to see MVN resurrected, It brings joy to my heart to know that this mighty machine still has a loyal following, now I'd like to tell you folks a bit about myself and my goals.

I started getting into electronic music /hip hop production back in 07 when after much research I grabbed a 8000 and instantly fell in love with it, unfortunately life happened and I was forced to sell it back then and I gave up learning at that time, but as good fortune has had it I was recently able to get another one, unfortunately thought the record button has stopped working on the unit, so until I get it repaired i'll still be MIA but dream of the day when I can be sharing my work with you guys and the world at large and am proficient in completing a full album in the MV. My primary interest now is synthwave so you'll be hearing a lot of that from me. Well I'm defently looking forward to learning from the seasoned masters and keep the MV spirt alive

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Re: Hello Community
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