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JMJARw : The Introduction
« on: May 16, 2018, 08:38:18 am »

  Greetings fellow-MVers

 I am a thirty-something MV-8800 user from Finland. I have had the
 MV for few years (no fancy upgrades installed -yet ;) ) , using it as
 my main center-piece sequencer ,Midi station & Multi FX master
 unit (ain't we All LoL  ;D ) .

 I compose electronic synth-based music with mostly vintage
 (70s-90s) gear - like Jean-Michel Jarre style meets symphonic
  soundtrack Tom Holkenborg & Hans Zimmer-esque stuff  :D

  I am currently working on turning a big storage building into a
  recording/production home studio; besides composing and gat-
 hering bits&pieces of music into an album.

  See y'all

- J /|/| JARw