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MV-General Production / Re: Possible enhancements/fixes for MV firmware
« on: September 17, 2020, 05:05:56 am »
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Thanks for the update. Keep us informed. can mix down individual tracks by solo-ing the track or tracks you want mixed down.

of course my horse :) I mean mixing down a whole song by one action and getting individual waveformes neatly organized in a folder when I'm done. Yes that solo thingy but I want the MV to do it for me track by track wile I take a nap

MV-General Production / Re: Possible enhancements/fixes for MV firmware
« on: September 17, 2020, 05:03:01 am »
first of in my previous comment I like to say every time I mentioned that bloody 'witch' I meant 'which', so just to be clare I have no association with wiccas (and if I do it's completely secret).

@nef The selecting of multiple pads might be possible to add to the solo/mute page like an extra function page. There we already have the window and a selection system that is kind of similar (per pad based), how it looks in code is an other thing and not for me to say. Other wise it could (also) be a mode you enter wile in quick edit via some shortcut, select/mark all your pads - when you done selecting you have to exit this mode before activating samples with the pads again. To this would be great to get even one more function, one more page to the MUTE/SOLO/MULTIPAD-window and that would be saved multipads, activated with the press of one pad. So you make your multi selection of your favorite padilators and save it to a pad, you could then change different selections on different pads. I guess this feature would fasten up the workflow tremendously on the MV. Imagen the live possibilities of utilizing the filters or LFO in this way, might be dangerous though this might just crack the planet in half!

((goddamit I should of worked for roland 15years ago instead of making this guys life more complicated))

About the donation thingy, yeah I got that and I remembered it from an earlier comment of yours but wanted to mention this since if you take your own time and all (all respect for this) but if you come out with a stabile update we could donate then . That way no pressure or more responsibility, just sayin'. With the donation fonds we could start making a new machine on this forum from scratch, without ANY reverse engineering anything from anywhere :o.
The MV/MPC/Maschine/Deluge/all-killer The MM9900  the Mass Murderer 9900 LMAO ;D


MV-Basement / Re: Any Finnish MV-wizards/gurus here
« on: September 17, 2020, 03:39:02 am »
Mitä meininki JMJARw!?

MV-General Production / Re: Possible enhancements/fixes for MV firmware
« on: September 12, 2020, 12:07:09 pm »
Hello eveybody I think I’m late to this party. Scrolled through all the 17 pages on a hangover today lol and acctully read the most of this over 1 year long post. Great job hangnef, big props!

I’m on MV8000 v3.54. I find myself often using all of the 16 songs in a project, that way there is no load time when I change songs but of cause I get to pay the price when I change projects. Why you might ask and the resaon comes from the MV in itself. When I start a new project, witch I don’t like at all since then I need to start loading patches and samples and naming tracks, normalizing and setting up the fxs and auxes etc. The more positive reason why I use all the songs comes here, then when I open a new song witch I copy from a previous one that I like and I keep the instruments and fx. Then all the tracks are there pre named like kick snr hi sampler sub etc.. whatever I named them and I can just start making music instantly. An other thing that it brings is that as the songs evolve from song 1 to 2 to 3 and so forth the twaeks get more advanced. Parts are getting better and better so usually when I come to song15 and 16 they act as a unique preset and I’m always at that point like now where talking :) things are paned, volume balanced, filtered, lfo:ed, sounds sound good together and so on. Actually sometimes I hit a banger in a couple of minutes that way :o

Here is my wish list for x-mas that in my opinion would improve this monster machine.

• ability to edit many pads at ones /filter/lfo/amp/etc, even loop mode and so on.
this should be possible since if you make an instrument out of one sample then the sampler(a part) behaves this way. in other words if you change one parameter and it changes it for all the pads that are assigned to the instrument

• ability to zoom out more to see the whole song in the sequencer. ATM 16bars is visible.
I find this to be limiting when navigating a longer song.

• yes to PS/2 keyboard I would deffenetly use one if I could. Imagen all the tactile switches that posibly could be used for more shortcuts !!

• Faster way to use the 6 pad banks I hate to have to press the PAD BANK button and theN scroll/arrow/number to change different banks 1-2-3-4-5-6.

• Abbility to move around the loop to next/previuos marker. This would also be great for using the MV live. As for now with shortcut jump+step< > you navigate the markers back and forth, this I use everyday and the abbility to move the loop the same way would be awasome. Alternativly to have many loops (loop1, loop2, loop3 etc) that could be changed on the fly, a little bitt like pad banks, then you could have more controll and flex with your song/live performance.

• would love to be able to mixdown individual tracks even if that would take 30mins, I could go to the store meanwile


Cheers and ones again thank you for your great effort hangnef. if there will be a gerilla release for the MV8800/8000 I think there is more people in here then I that  would be willing to donate

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