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this is kinda peculiar imo.. and might come in handy... but  I dont know. i can drop these phrases in the sequencer and they trigger song tempo changes.. as you can see mute disables the effect also

some clues maybe to wtf is going on

-pads give a highpitched noise, cause of the settings. but you can drop the volume down of the track/phrase and the effect remains.
-only works with bpm sync on and the audiophrase bpm **.**
-pads work like that with gate and trigger not as drum
-pads with different pitch settings seem to trigger the same tempo change
-but i can stack them to get ever more slow and make the beat come to grinding halt
-the bpm flash visually slows down

settings of one of those particular pads.. although various pitches work
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playing around with it a bit more... its the loop point and endpoint thats important here  8) (if the start is far from the end you have a delay before the slowdown begins.)...thats where the slowdown occurs in the very small gap between the loop and end point.. if i increase the gap the beat slows down less. after a couple points there's no effect at all.

 below settings seems optimal then to make it kick in immediately

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anyway, thats it for now. dunno if this is a known thing..or just something strange with the project.. ill try this later in a fresh project to see.


love this method. its such a Waxdattian thing but me myself cant duplicate it on the MV. ofc can re-sample combinations....or record 1/8 note gaps before resemble but then the method loses flexibility to quickly change snares, kicks etc. change swing by playing with delay

the smt doesn't allow me having say a kick triggering normal and snare on the ez delay so you can have kick, snare combination. it triggers both with whatever routing that particular partial has.

i can envision some ways resampling with the ez delay, or in sequencer and chopping to create the gaps in one shots i need. But the goal is to have an elegant template, tweakable, interchangeable sounds.

anyways... i cant figure it out. maybe somebody else has an idea

kudos to that guy btw. small channel with very cool content


MV-General Production / Get your drums knocking in the MV
« on: February 10, 2019, 03:34:51 am »
this is not a tutorial... just something I noticed you can make use of. and it might've eluded some of us so here we go. instead of loading a mix down to mastering section you can load any wave file! so also a kick you want get right.

just go to mastering directly, navigate to your drums, choose a kick (snare whatever sound really) and use the much more enhanced eq and compressor and whatever else is in the mastering section to get your kick just right. tweaking settings and auditioning the sound with play button. name the kick, record places it in the mastering folder.... move it to your kicks folder...or leave it there. import it into your project....easy and fast process   

the tweaking you can do is much more comprehensive and focused/direct than going through filters eq, effect etc in the sequencer view...cause what you do is all in the same view and you have al these options... its fucking great. 8)

i was just playing with it... using the low boost preset to work from and i get quasi desirable results much quicker this way. im not really knowledgeable though... if someone has some simple drum recipes that would be nice  :)


i was practicing i bit of timing with drums.... playing around with the time signature and changed to 16/4 and playing like its 4/4 with quantize off it seems to have the same feel which makes sense cause like your 1/4 cut time method you fill one measure with 4 actual bars.

the difference between the methods is no bpm change necessary, no self made metronome for the slow click...  and the quantize function seems like its 'working' with rate 50% and low strength (i usually have like 10%) i seem to remember that the quantize got weird with 1/4 cut time even with like 5% strength 120. im not really sure about the quantize stuff though and what that is doing.

so for cut time you could use 8/4 and for 1/4 cut time 16/4 time signature.

are there any drawbacks maybe? not that im chasing the mpc feel or anything... I just noticed the similarity while laying down drums on the mv so I thought I post it.

MV-General Production / Creating a pseudo sidechain with the LFO
« on: April 11, 2018, 02:39:53 am »
I have seen the waxdat vid of resampling and chopping and adjusting the release but I thought up another way of doing it with the LFO which i dont know is common knowledge so let me just drop it here.

in the lfo of partial edit:

use the square wave form and negative on the amplifier and adjust the rate so it catches whatever you want it to catch. for it to catch the first kick you adjust the delay. I dont know the nitty gritty, but with the amp all the way down i played with rate untill it dropped 'holes' in the sample where some kicks would be and then turn amp up again untill you have the desired volume drop.

would be nice if someone has some real values to use for this technique or suggestion to do it better along the same line cause im just winging it.

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