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MV-Basement / Elektron Octatrack
« on: June 21, 2017, 08:30:54 pm »
Does anyone else have one of these?.. just got mine a couple of days ago, I think its gonna be a keeper, but I have had quite a few hardware samplers and sequencer grooveboxes over the years, and yet the learning curve on this one still looks mighty steep, despite all my previous experience (not that i am an expert...)

Hi all

I have just finished replacing the mechanical hdd for a bootable cf card adaptor and sandisk 64gb card.. copied all the contents of the old hdd ... The MV is now back up and running but i have noticed a couple of issues.. somehow a folder marked "samples" didnt get copied over, not a big problem, but cant figure out why. Mostly i have noticed a modest increase in speed, but it hasnt exactly transformed the old girl...

The biggest worry is that during the first studio session while i was groovin around the studio  ::), messing with some different swing template settings on different drum tracks, the MV froze.. the loop kept on playing, the mouse would move around the screen, the sliders faded tracks, but i could not stop play, save, play pads etc etc, most of it was unresponsive, and i ended up having to switch off at the back and reboot, losing the project... Has this happened to anyone else?, as in 4ish years of intermittent use I have never had it freeze before..

MV-Basement / Where y'all from?
« on: April 26, 2017, 07:21:47 pm »
Hey All,

Good to see MV-Nation is back, respect to those of you that resurrected it as much as you could...

Just wondering where in the world everyone is from? I am based in the flatlands of Eastern England, but originally from Scotland....

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