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MV-Support / Re: testors model glue works for MV plastic parts
« on: January 16, 2021, 12:51:44 am »
i used this one tip to fix my bpm/tap button. it works fantastic. previously i wouldve thought this would be unfixable. its a very thin plastic edge of the button to reattach to the side of the plastic frame. you'd figure it will break again.. it still might but it looks good 

just used some modelglue i could find.. not specifically testors. it says poly (ester) cement.

yeah link is dead and havent seen something similar anywhere.. i put new pads in and its a world of difference. jus a light touch to acces the functions on the left.  :)

im holding on to the old pads though.. you never know

MV-General Production / Re: New MV!!!!
« on: January 12, 2021, 12:29:33 am »
the small screen.. :-X

the couldve added an hdmi mv style, bring the UI of the machine to the big screen with acces to sequencer. .. im pretty sure that  "Zenbeats integration" isnt that..since you have to bounce

MV-Basement / Re: Post your Studio/Setup pics!
« on: November 30, 2020, 12:07:15 pm »
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Here's my basement studio setup, the MV being the centerpiece of the DAWless stuff...

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so cool also.  :D to have a music dungeon.  im living in an apartment with walls made of paper. in terms of music you really cant be yourself if you constantly thinking if it too loud.. and how late it is... :'(

MV-Basement / Re: Post your Studio/Setup pics!
« on: November 30, 2020, 12:00:03 pm »
your mv looks really fresh.. 8)

i was gonna do the side panels in the colour of new pads but they only had the clear ònes.. so i guess i keep it as it is for now

MV-General Production / Re: Mv op1 6 Channel Output Alternative
« on: May 28, 2020, 08:01:04 am »
id be interested too..depending on price and shippingcost ofc.

what widdly is doin is cool too.. but seems just to technical for me to ever try myself. afraid i screw it buy a streamlined version of that too though. or maybe a kit with a solid instruction 

press the mastering mixdown mode and you go back

i actually dont care about this hidden feature/bug.. i guess its mutual  ;D



changing song tempo by different bpm with the diff between loop and end point. put a fast click to make it more visual..

couldn't get it done in a different project so back to this one. its a bit of a ghost in the machine

this is kinda peculiar imo.. and might come in handy... but  I dont know. i can drop these phrases in the sequencer and they trigger song tempo changes.. as you can see mute disables the effect also

some clues maybe to wtf is going on

-pads give a highpitched noise, cause of the settings. but you can drop the volume down of the track/phrase and the effect remains.
-only works with bpm sync on and the audiophrase bpm **.**
-pads work like that with gate and trigger not as drum
-pads with different pitch settings seem to trigger the same tempo change
-but i can stack them to get ever more slow and make the beat come to grinding halt
-the bpm flash visually slows down

settings of one of those particular pads.. although various pitches work
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playing around with it a bit more... its the loop point and endpoint thats important here  8) (if the start is far from the end you have a delay before the slowdown begins.)...thats where the slowdown occurs in the very small gap between the loop and end point.. if i increase the gap the beat slows down less. after a couple points there's no effect at all.

 below settings seems optimal then to make it kick in immediately

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anyway, thats it for now. dunno if this is a known thing..or just something strange with the project.. ill try this later in a fresh project to see.

MV-Related Software / Re: Chicken systems MV Kit creator
« on: April 17, 2020, 03:03:58 am »
would be cool indeed if it got released to the public   8)

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Chicken Systems MV Kit Creator Pro
**Announcement: MV Kit Creator v2.0.3/v1.5.47 are scheduled for public release late February 2020** (SOON) 8)

Roland Clan Forums:
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i thought this meant its gonna be free...public release? but periodically ive been checking the site and its still 80$

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i had a weird quirk with an audiophrase recently. its in one project and i couldnt reproduce it on other projects

a long audio phrase was bpm synced, small piece selected with too high a base note so the bpm goes ***.** and i think it had a 4/16 time signature..(although the effect stayed when i changed back to 4/4) when i clicked that audio phrase the whole song slowed down! kinda cool, certainly if you could use it as an event trigger to change tempo. i copied/paste that pad a couple times and it worked on every subsequent pad...

 in retrospect i should've checked if i could throw that audiophrase in the sequencer and if it changed song bpm automatically. i assumed it did. or if it triggered effects too. i kinda forgot about it...

it might just be a bug too though. seemed to halve the speed or something. i couldn't really find out what made it tick to make it do different speeds and i forgot which project.   

this might or might not be relevant.....  i really need to go back and find that project. when the mv did that it really surprised me too. normally the phrase reacts to the tempo but now it was the other way around. tapping/holding that pad (and copied instances) influenced the entire song.

if its not a bug, corrupt project etc and you can find the method to it conceivably you can put phrases in to signal tempo changes, maybe also pitch changes.. at the cost of an audio track in the sequencer.

i never had a catastrophic failure but that 40gb disk is probably in there for 20 years too. thats a big weak point right there.. but i aint sweating it. ive seen slow acces when i click import when a project is playing or example. it happened occasionally... and very rarely the MV, (less than 5 times in years) actually froze momentarily in that exact situation.. music still playing but unresponsive.

ive seen hickups, in previewing from the sample manager too when the beat is playing.

usually i just save the project when i perceive a quirk like that and initialise the mv, run the dimm diag and pretend that i did something. although, the thing that happened doesn't happen again actually after doing that.

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