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MV-Modifications / Re: LCD on/off switch and silicone 'corks'
« on: April 02, 2021, 07:13:33 am »
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Just got around to doing the pad mod today, such a great improvement! Thanks for the tip.

You're welcome!

MV-Modifications / Re: MV8000 mods with pictures
« on: April 02, 2021, 07:12:51 am »
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Just wanted to say thanks for the idea to put the silicone under the pads. They’re much more responsive. I was putting colored pads in and thought I’d try this mod out along with it. I recommend everyone do this mod as well so you could at least clean your pads and everything under the drives. It was very dirty under there after 17 years of owning this machine. I went ahead and used alcohol and a Q-Tip to clean the contacts on the pad board as well. Was having an issue with the Roll button needing to be pressed hard. No more! Just remember the silicone in the link from Amazon has two sides of plastic wrap. It’ll lay more flat under the pads once you get both linings off. It’s an easy mod it just takes a couple hours or so if you’re doing a deep cleaning and don’t have a powered screwdriver. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

You're welcome, glad it is working out.  I can't remember how the pads were before the mod, but they play so well now.  I wish all my gear with pads responded this well.

Very interesting WaxDat, I really like what you did with Simple Minds.  :)

Nothing new to report other than I'm still plugging away.  This thread will be the first thing I update when I've either implemented something new or have made a breakthru of some sort.   8)

Right now, it's all boring (and tedious) reverse engineering of the machine code.

MV-Support / Re: Rack ears, where to find, and how many “U”
« on: January 07, 2021, 03:20:28 pm »
Thanks for that, no luck turning any up but I will keep looking.

MV-Support / Rack ears, where to find, and how many “U”
« on: January 01, 2021, 03:26:08 pm »
Looking to rack my MV and am wondering where to find ears for them, also if anyone knows how many rack spaces it takes up when racked, it would help with my plannig.

MV-Basement / Re: Post your Studio/Setup pics!
« on: November 04, 2020, 08:19:36 am »
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Here's my basement studio setup, the MV being the centerpiece of the DAWless stuff...

Nice Huey promo.

Keen eye there!

MV-General Production / Re: Possible enhancements/fixes for MV firmware
« on: November 04, 2020, 08:19:26 am »
Was using my MV last night and needed to do a right click on a track to bring up the popup menu and realized there was no way to do this without the mouse (that I could find). 

Is there a way to do that in VGA mode?  If not, I will add to the list Shift + Menu to bring up popup menu for selection.

EDIT: I've found that Track Parameter in the main Fkey list will do what I wanted (context menu for a Pattern Track selection).

Back on this full steam during my evenings, had to take another break...

MV-Basement / Re: Post your Studio/Setup pics!
« on: November 02, 2020, 11:51:45 am »
Here's my basement studio setup, the MV being the centerpiece of the DAWless stuff...

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MV-Modifications / Re: LCD on/off switch and silicone 'corks'
« on: November 02, 2020, 11:35:45 am »
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I also wanted a little more sensitivity, and I did the same trick I did on my Korg padKontrol.

Thanks a ton for sharing your "fix". I did the same to my MV and oh boy, what a difference.  8)

Awesome, good to hear it is working for folks.  I was using my MV last night after a while away and was surprised at how responsive they were (I honestly forgot I had modded them).  They register very slight touches.

I see a lot of complaints online (other forums) about the pads, I wonder if this would have helped...

MV-General Production / Re: Possible enhancements/fixes for MV firmware
« on: September 13, 2020, 12:26:28 pm »
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Hello eveybody I think I’m late to this party. Scrolled through all the 17 pages on a hangover today lol and acctully read the most of this over 1 year long post. Great job hangnef, big props!

I’m on MV8000 v3.54. I find myself often using all of the 16 songs in a project, that way there is no load time when I change songs but of cause I get to pay the price when I change projects. Why you might ask and the resaon comes from the MV in itself. When I start a new project, witch I don’t like at all since then I need to start loading patches and samples and naming tracks, normalizing and setting up the fxs and auxes etc. The more positive reason why I use all the songs comes here, then when I open a new song witch I copy from a previous one that I like and I keep the instruments and fx. Then all the tracks are there pre named like kick snr hi sampler sub etc.. whatever I named them and I can just start making music instantly. An other thing that it brings is that as the songs evolve from song 1 to 2 to 3 and so forth the twaeks get more advanced. Parts are getting better and better so usually when I come to song15 and 16 they act as a unique preset and I’m always at that point like now where talking :) things are paned, volume balanced, filtered, lfo:ed, sounds sound good together and so on. Actually sometimes I hit a banger in a couple of minutes that way :o

Here is my wish list for x-mas that in my opinion would improve this monster machine.

• ability to edit many pads at ones /filter/lfo/amp/etc, even loop mode and so on.
this should be possible since if you make an instrument out of one sample then the sampler(a part) behaves this way. in other words if you change one parameter and it changes it for all the pads that are assigned to the instrument

• ability to zoom out more to see the whole song in the sequencer. ATM 16bars is visible.
I find this to be limiting when navigating a longer song.

• yes to PS/2 keyboard I would deffenetly use one if I could. Imagen all the tactile switches that posibly could be used for more shortcuts !!

• Faster way to use the 6 pad banks I hate to have to press the PAD BANK button and theN scroll/arrow/number to change different banks 1-2-3-4-5-6.

• Abbility to move around the loop to next/previuos marker. This would also be great for using the MV live. As for now with shortcut jump+step< > you navigate the markers back and forth, this I use everyday and the abbility to move the loop the same way would be awasome. Alternativly to have many loops (loop1, loop2, loop3 etc) that could be changed on the fly, a little bitt like pad banks, then you could have more controll and flex with your song/live performance.

• would love to be able to mixdown individual tracks even if that would take 30mins, I could go to the store meanwile


Cheers and ones again thank you for your great effort hangnef. if there will be a gerilla release for the MV8800/8000 I think there is more people in here then I that  would be willing to donate

Thank you for the kind words, and as for donating, I'd like to keep it free.  It's a fun project, but once money enters I'd feel the weight of responsibility those who kindly donated and my free time flucuates a lot.

I have had the "modify multiple pads" at the same time feature in my list, but maybe I should ask for input on how folks would like that to work/look.  I think this could be do-able.  The keys will be:

From a UI/input standpoint how would it work?
Finding the places these values are changed and writing new routines to also update all pads at the same time.

One other thing I'm working on, which I imagine will interest no one but probably myself is the ability to reverse the mouse wheel direction.  I have a trackball and it works backwards.  I'm hoping this will be an easy change, but debugging it has been painful.

As for your ideas, all very good ones, thank you!

PS/2 isn't do-able I believe without massive changes.  Nothing I've seen in the firmware (so far) seems to handle keyboard input.  The hw may be supported, but it doesn't look like the firmware does.  I would have to dig in deeper to be 100% sure though.

Zooming in/out may be possible if you can already zoom in to some degree (I can't recall), it would be hard to inject that functionality as a new concept to the firmware.  (I keep wanting to use "code" instead of firmware, but it's really not code hehe, I'm binary patching things and reading assembly).

The changing banks thing annoys me too, open to ideas on how that would work as far as workflow, I don't think this would be too difficult to implement if the numeric keypad or something was utilized.

I added the others to my list, although I thought you could already mixdown to disk via some method?

MV-General Production / Re: Possible enhancements/fixes for MV firmware
« on: September 13, 2020, 12:18:21 pm »
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Any updates?

Thanks for the ping, not much as far as changes, still a lot of reversing. 

I'm frustrated with just how hard it is to change stuff, and to be honest, nothing but extremely small changes (like the suppression of those dialog boxes) will go fast, as much as I would like to.  It's a LOT of machine code and replacing even moderate chunks of it requires a ton of work.  Add to that the limited memory space for sticking new code and all the hardcoded addresses and non position independent machine code makes for even more difficulty. 

I will say though that the loading/saving speedup is rock solid.  I'm using it on my non-testing 8800.  I do have 2 more areas to check for improvements here as well, the IDE communications/registers and the FAT filesystem code (daunting to even think of reversing this lol).

I wish I could have licensed the source code from Roland.  I know the JJOS guy has the code for the HW he works on and I'm envious.   :)  If I had that, wow, I could crank you stuff pretty quickly, as with any normal code development project.

I continue to work on this project though and will be making more improvements, but the workflow is literally like swimming in molasses.

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Cheers @hangnef for sorting this out!  8)

No problem at all, it was a change I wanted to make too.  :)

Little progress update, still cranking away at the code.  I'm finding that in addition to understanding the UI and dialogs, another area I needed to focus on was how the inputs were processed, so I've been spending a lot of time reverse engineering how that works.   Understanding that will allow me to make more shortcuts, add new options, etc.  One of the pretty straightforward ideas I had (but certainly not easy to implement) was the use of a shift key to allow the 3 effect knobs to control 6 things (sorta like having pad or qlink banks, but needing a button held).

One of the related projects I did was to build an EXTREMELY old Red Hat Linux system (circa 1999 or so) via virtualization, building a Super-H toolchain in there and building some programs using the SH-3 toolchain to have a frame of reference for all of the newlib (C library) routines.  I managed to figure out a lot of routines in the MV code that I had no idea what they were before.  So, all in all a good exercise!

I've also been a little distracted by some new gear (a Yamaha RX5 drum machine [AMAZING], which I'm circuit bending).  I do spend an hour or so a night though reversing code, it's almost like comfort food now.   :)

I had asked a question a while back about synth differences between the MV and MC909 and I think I have an idea on what the differences might be.  One might be that the polyiphony is just 1 (but since the same chip is used in the MC-909 I think this is an artificial limitation), or it could be the oscillators in the MV code are tailored towards bass sounds.  That can also probably be handled by just adding a few more choices, but I'm thinking it's more that it is a monosynthm so is more suited to bass lines.

Curious to hear others' thoughts...

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2)  The Audio track capacity to be either 8 Stereo (Current arrangement) or splittable into 16 mono tracks (Or a mixture of both)...  each fully discrete, pan-able and fully supported across all bus & FX arrangement ... i think the original MV-8000 DID allow for 16 mono tracks, so why Roland dropped this on the 8800 is a proper thumb in the ass decision!

Not sure how I missed this comment, but is it true?  I'm not sure I'll be able to find an older version of the MV8000 firmware to pull that code out even if it were true unfortunately.  Seems only the latest are available online, although I did find a slightly older MV8000 firmware package somewhere.

Finished this up last night.  Both dialogs are now not shown post mixdown/master.  I will eventually make these system variables which can be toggled.

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