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MV-General Production / Realtime record to PATTERN TRACK on MV8000??
« on: August 26, 2021, 06:37:39 am »
I've seen Mike Acosta do realtime record to the PATTERN TRACK on an MV-8800. He showed how it can be done quantized or unquantized.

Has anyone been able to use this same feature on an MV-8000?

I've tried going to the pattern track in SONG MODE and hitting record but nothing happens. SHIFT-REC goes to step recording on the pattern track, and that part works fine but I'd like to have a bit more freedom triggering and recording patterns.

Thanks for any tips you can offer.

p.s. I have software V 3.54 installed.

MV-Support / Sampler source reverts to optical at every startup
« on: August 17, 2021, 10:45:21 pm »
Hi MVers,

My MV-8000 has an issue with selecting sampling inputs. I gather many people have had this.

When I start up, the sampling input is set to optical and I cannot change it to analog. I don't have Op-1 but maybe a previous owner did.

I can do System/Global/Initialize and then the analog input is selectable again. But even after saving everything before shutting down, this setting is not persisting and I have to do the inialize step every time I start up.

Is there a tip to avoid having to do this over and over? It's not a huge deal but a bit frustrating.

Quick question:

Is there any way to record multiple channels of incoming MIDI simultaneously into an MV8000 song or pattern?

I ask because I sometimes record MIDI stuff on another sequencer as a quick scratchpad and would like to move it into the MV easily.

(The other sequencer is quite limited in terms of letting me export SMF files and so on, so I'd like to just record its MIDI output into the MV if possible.)

Hey MVers,

On my MV8000 I'm having a great time in the PATTERN LIST view, triggering patterns in realtime from the pads, each pattern keeping its own tempo and time signature. This is amazing - none of my other hardware sequencers will let me do this exactly.

Question is:

How do I capture a live performance of this type on the MV8000? Is it possible, either as audio or as MIDI?

Everything I've tried so far hasn't worked. I can go through and explain in much more detail but I thought I'd just ask the basic question in this first post.

Any input would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading,


I'm a prospective MV owner.

I've seen Mike Acosta's video about pattern play and pattern record:

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It shows that in pattern play the MV can combine different patterns and gives the option of retaining the tempo of each pattern.

I'm wondering whether different time signatures will also be preserved in pattern play. For example, if I have 3 sections of a song:

4/4 @ 200bpm
3/4 @ 80bpm
3/8 @ 80bpm

For a live performance, can I freely string these together in pattern play and have everything come out correctly?

As a follow on question, can I also record such a performance as the basis of a song and have everything play back correctly (i.e. without needing to go into the song later and manually set time signatures and tempos.

Any insights you can offer before I purchase the MV would be greatly appreciated.


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