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I'm another one who prefers working without the VGA and mouse. It can be so quick and satisfying once you get enough muscle memory. I'm not aware of any functions missing - though some of them can take a bit of finding the first few times!

Hey, thanks for answering.

So, can you explain how it is done?

To be clear, I want to have MIDI data coming in on channels 1-16 simultaneously and have it all recorded to the MV8000 in one take.

From what I see so far, I can only have one MIDI track in record mode and that track can only have one MIDI channel.

MV-General Production / Re: Realtime record to PATTERN TRACK on MV8000??
« on: August 26, 2021, 11:23:57 pm »
Yes, I've previously tried that and it is possible to use note events from another sequencer to trigger patterns while the MV is in pattern play mode. You just have to have the right notes coming into the MV on the right channel (might be ch.16, from memory).

Doing it that way, each pattern even keeps its own tempo, so in that sense it's even more flexible than realtime recording to the pattern track in the MV (where different tempos per pattern are ignored).

Still,  it's an extra layer of "gear" to deal with.

MV-General Production / Re: Realtime record to PATTERN TRACK on MV8000??
« on: August 26, 2021, 04:54:05 pm »
Bummer, but thanks conecthink.

I think I'll keep my eyes open for an MV-8800 cause it does sound like a good feature that would allow some really immediate results. I see what you're saying about resampling.

It's a weird thing on the MV-8000 that the only way to get patterns into the pattern track appears to be step recording full-length patterns end to end. Not even event list can be used to insert them (unlike on some other Roland products). BUT once you have some patterns on the track you can shorten them to any desired length (even something like 30 ticks if you like), move them to any position on or off the beat, substitute one pattern for another, copy and paste any size bits of the pattern track...pretty much anything. It's like all the back end functionality is there to work with realtime recording but they just never got around to adding it. So it's supremely powerful but the workflow is a big drag.

MV-General Production / Realtime record to PATTERN TRACK on MV8000??
« on: August 26, 2021, 06:37:39 am »
I've seen Mike Acosta do realtime record to the PATTERN TRACK on an MV-8800. He showed how it can be done quantized or unquantized.

Has anyone been able to use this same feature on an MV-8000?

I've tried going to the pattern track in SONG MODE and hitting record but nothing happens. SHIFT-REC goes to step recording on the pattern track, and that part works fine but I'd like to have a bit more freedom triggering and recording patterns.

Thanks for any tips you can offer.

p.s. I have software V 3.54 installed.

MV-Support / Re: Sampler source reverts to optical at every startup
« on: August 25, 2021, 11:50:16 pm »

Thank you for the tip. That isn't something I would have thought of.

Just to get it clear, after I delete SYSTEM.MVO and change input to Analog, should I shutdown the MV saving the current project, or not saving?


MV-Support / Re: MV Electrical Problem
« on: August 25, 2021, 11:48:02 pm »
Maybe try simple things like substituting another power cord, trying it alone on a circuit to make sure it's not related to some other device.

But the sensible advice, I think, would be to get it checked by a pro before it (possibly) kills you.

MV-Support / Sampler source reverts to optical at every startup
« on: August 17, 2021, 10:45:21 pm »
Hi MVers,

My MV-8000 has an issue with selecting sampling inputs. I gather many people have had this.

When I start up, the sampling input is set to optical and I cannot change it to analog. I don't have Op-1 but maybe a previous owner did.

I can do System/Global/Initialize and then the analog input is selectable again. But even after saving everything before shutting down, this setting is not persisting and I have to do the inialize step every time I start up.

Is there a tip to avoid having to do this over and over? It's not a huge deal but a bit frustrating.

Quick question:

Is there any way to record multiple channels of incoming MIDI simultaneously into an MV8000 song or pattern?

I ask because I sometimes record MIDI stuff on another sequencer as a quick scratchpad and would like to move it into the MV easily.

(The other sequencer is quite limited in terms of letting me export SMF files and so on, so I'd like to just record its MIDI output into the MV if possible.)

OK, I can confirm one way to record a realtime performance of MV8000 patterns that retains the tempo and time sig for each pattern.

Basically, use MIDI notes to trigger the patterns on the MV8000 from an external device. At the same time, record the MIDI notes on the sequencer of the external device. Then you can exactly re-trigger your live performance at any time. I used my Yamaha QY700 sequencer to do it. But any external device that has a sequencer and triggers will be ok.

Step by step

  • Create various patterns on MV8000 and give each one whatever tempo and time sig you want

    Enter pattern list or pattern play mode

    Use an external device that has its own sequencer and can send MIDI notes to trigger the MV8000

    Setup the MV8000 patterns to respond to whatever MIDI note you intend to send

    Set the external device to transmit notes on channel 16

    Record the MIDI notes on the external device's sequencer

    (Don't lock MIDI clocks between the two devices. Each device runs on its own internal clock.)

    (Set the external device to a high tempo for greatest resolution and turn off any quantization)

Some benefits

You get to keep tempo and time sig for each individual pattern [the whole point for me of doing this]

We are only dealing with MIDI so the MV8000 patterns can still be tweaked later, sounds changed etc if you wish

If you wish, you can later track out stems from your live performance one by one to a synced audio recorder

The MIDI recording on the external device can be directly edited to substitute one pattern for another, take out sections, etc

Some downsides

The bars/beats/clock grid on the external sequencer will end up meaning nothing. You'll just have to look at is as a realtime linear recorder for your pattern play performance.

So far it seems patterns will only keep playing as long as you hold down a trigger on the external device. This might not suit some people.

For extra complication

If your external device has a pattern mode, you can even create patterns on it that each trigger a sequence of patterns on the MV8000, and play around with those!

This is probably going to be of very niche interest (maybe just me), but feel free to ask if I can explain anything better.


Thanks for the reply Waxdat. I've enjoyed learning from many of your videos over time.

I've just been thinking about another possibility:

If I could trigger the MV8000 patterns from something external (say my Fantom X6 keyboard) and record the notes (or other MIDI commands) that I'm using to trigger them (say on the Fantom sequencer), then this would give me a way to record and perfectly recreate a live MV8000 pattern performance.

Do you think this could work?

Thanks conecthink,

Those are clever ideas and not something I would have thought of (coming from some other sequencers that don't have samplers).

If I go the resampling route, I don't mind too much the idea that the resampled patterns I trigger wouldn't end up neatly on a grid -- sometimes I'm doing almost silly rapid cutting back and forth between patterns and the mind boggles just thinking about how it could even possibly be placed on any grid.

Tracking out as multitrack audio from my various sound modules to a tape machine (or DAW basically acting as a tape machine) might also work.

I suppose I could even track out as MIDI to a second MIDI sequencer running at high resolution (unsynced/unquantised) and capture a live performance that way -- although again, of course, any notion of staying on the grid would be lost.

Thanks for the response and the ideas!

Hey MVers,

On my MV8000 I'm having a great time in the PATTERN LIST view, triggering patterns in realtime from the pads, each pattern keeping its own tempo and time signature. This is amazing - none of my other hardware sequencers will let me do this exactly.

Question is:

How do I capture a live performance of this type on the MV8000? Is it possible, either as audio or as MIDI?

Everything I've tried so far hasn't worked. I can go through and explain in much more detail but I thought I'd just ask the basic question in this first post.

Any input would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading,


I'm a prospective MV owner.

I've seen Mike Acosta's video about pattern play and pattern record:

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It shows that in pattern play the MV can combine different patterns and gives the option of retaining the tempo of each pattern.

I'm wondering whether different time signatures will also be preserved in pattern play. For example, if I have 3 sections of a song:

4/4 @ 200bpm
3/4 @ 80bpm
3/8 @ 80bpm

For a live performance, can I freely string these together in pattern play and have everything come out correctly?

As a follow on question, can I also record such a performance as the basis of a song and have everything play back correctly (i.e. without needing to go into the song later and manually set time signatures and tempos.

Any insights you can offer before I purchase the MV would be greatly appreciated.


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